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Business Overview
Broken Arrow Communications, Inc is the leading provider of systems and facility services for the wireless telecommunications industry in the Western United States. Headquartered in Albuquerque, NM, and operating through 6 locations in 7 western states, Broken Arrow provides a wide variety of products and services for the design, installation, construction, and maintenance of wireless communication facilities. Serving a customer base that includes all of the major wireless providers, many of the smaller or newer wireless companies as well as the major construction management companies serving the telecommunications industry, Broken Arrow’s principal products, and services include:

Designing, engineering, furnishing, constructing and installing central office switching facilities, including the installation of telecommunications equipment, fiber optics, and transport equipment infrastructure, electrical systems, fire suppression systems, air handling equipment;

Designing, engineering, furnishing, constructing and installing wireless telecommunications equipment and facilities including civil construction of electrical power systems, HVAC, installation of antennas and transmission lines, microwave radio systems, towers, stealth systems, radio transmission equipment, grounding systems, lightning protection, backup/generator systems and facility infrastructure;

Maintenance, testing, and service for a wide variety of telecommunications equipment and facilities.
Broken Arrow is believed to be the largest provider of such services in its market area, and provides a more comprehensive and diverse group of products and services to its customers than any of its competitors. Its size, geographic coverage and extensive capabilities and service offering has positioned Broken Arrow as the provider of choice for wireless companies entering new markets, expanding in established markets or upgrading wireless infrastructure for enhanced services and new technologies.

Broken Arrow’s strategy of locating offices, people, and operational assets in its customers’ markets has given it the ability to rapidly respond to customer needs as a single source provider for almost all of the services necessary to build, maintain and service wireless infrastructure. This has fueled its explosive growth in revenue since its founding in 2004.
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