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Highly Regarded Management
Broken Arrow’s founders, as well as many of its management and employees, have been working in the wireless telecommunications industry since it began in the 1980’s, and many have worked together with Broken Arrow and predecessor companies. They have been involved in the design, development, and construction of every type of wireless facility, as well as the installation of virtually every piece of equipment found in those facilities. They are well known and well respected throughout the industry. Their ability to complete all aspects of complex, mission critical installations on time and on budget has earned them the reputation as the premier “Go To” team in the wireless telecommunications industry.
Diversified and Loyal Customer Base
Broken Arrow’s reputation and performance has resulted in close working relationships with every major carrier in the industry, the newer and smaller carriers, and the large construction management companies serving wireless providers. These relationships at both the corporate and local level have helped Broken Arrow win significant contracts for large portions of their customers’ build outs in the markets served by the Company, and has created significant opportunities for Broken Arrow to follow its customers to new market areas.
Comprehensive Capabilities and Services
Broken Arrow is unique in its market for its ability to provide a complete range of construction and equipment installation services from initial design to post installation service and maintenance. Broken Arrow’s capabilities cover the full range of wireless technologies and are not limited to any equipment vendor, carrier, or type of wireless telecommunication service. No other company provides as broad a service offering and extensive capabilities as Broken Arrow.
Technological Superiority
Through the activities of its Northern California Technical Group, Broken Arrow provides leading edge technical design services for its clients. Many of Broken Arrow’s customers rely on its advanced technological design services for the installation of new and existing wireless technologies. These services assist clients in designing switch installations, central office switching facilities, and a wide variety of equipment configurations and wireless installations.
Exceptional Work Force
Broken Arrow has over 260 highly trained employees skilled in all aspects of facility construction and complex equipment installations. Many of these employees have been with Broken Arrow management for over 10 years. Unlike many of its competitors, Broken Arrow enjoys great flexibility in deploying its work force based on job requirements, and can shift crews from one location to another, or among its many different services and products. Broken Arrow generally subcontracts 25-30% of its activities, which allows it to keeps its crews fully employed even as job requirements dictate fluctuating staffing levels.
Since its formation in late 2003, Broken Arrow has enjoyed spectacular growth. With its Western US market position well established, Broken Arrow consistently bids on and wins more than its fair share of the growing wireless facilities and services capital expenditures market throughout the Western states, particularly in areas where it has established local presence and operating divisions.
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